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Is Switch Control for you?

Switch control on Apple devices (or ‘Switch Access’ as it is called on Android Devices) is a way to use Bluetooth switches (ie. large buttons connected to your device) to control your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Over the last few years, this has been built into iOS and Android, and allows the user to control their device from the use of a single button. At present, it is probably fair to say that the iOS setup is more mature than that on Android, however, hopefully in time this will improve.  Below are some useful web links and YouTube videos to look at while evaluating if this accessibility solution is right for you.

First up are the official summaries of how these settings work in both IOS and Android devices: Apple summary (iPhone/iPad)


Google Switch Access Summary (Android Phones or Tablets)


Here are two examples from YouTube, of people showing how they use their switches to control their devices.

Christopher Hill (Apple)

Colin McDonnel (Android)

Here is an example of a great Bluetooth Switch that is designed especially for iOS devices (although any Bluetooth switch will work with either iOS or Android devices).


There is definitely a learning curve involved in using Switches with your phone or tablet, however once you get the hang of it, the freedom to use your device at a deeper level than before is often worth it.