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Support for Students with a Physical Disability studying at TAFE or OTEN

Teacher/Consultants for students with disabilities provide support for students to complete their chosen course of study. They try to help students overcome problems they experience. For example a Teacher/Consultant for a student with a physical disability can:

  • Help modify a course to suit a student’s situation
  • Provide learning materials which are accessible to the student
  • Provide loans of adaptive technology (in some cases)
  • Provide advice and information about available support services
Contact information for Disability Support at OTEN

If you are considering studying at OTEN, The Disability Support Unit there can help you with further information and has done extensive research in Assistive and Adaptive Technology, so please feel free to contact us to explore your options further:

Email: oten.equityhelp@tafensw.edu.au

Phone: 02 9715 8601 or 1300 362 890


Contact Information for students with a disability at TAFE

First click on the following link, and follow the links to the disability service for that particular campus.