Physical Disability Organisations

National Disability Services NDS (all states)

ParaQuad NSW

ParaQuad Victoria

ParaQuad South Australia

ParaQuad Tasmania


Physical Disability Council of NSW

Post polio Network of NSW


Spinal Cord Injuries Australia


Tecsol.com.au (Adaptive Technology)

SCI.rutger.edu (Care Cure)

International Spinal Cord Injury Organisations

Spinal Injuries Association (United Kingdom)

National Spinal Cord Injury Association (USA)

Catastrophic Injury Resource Centre (Spinal Cord, Amputation & Brain Injury Resources)


Adaptive Technology Guide (PDF)

SpinalWorks FinalReport 2006 (PDF)

Sports and Recreation

Accessible Arts

NSW Wheelchair Sports Association

International Paralympic Committee

Achievable Concepts


Fitness Programs for Persons with Disabilities

9 Tips for Staying Active During Retirement (Hint: Must Love Dogs)

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

Travel / Accommodation

Easy Access Australia


Travel Tips for the Elderly and Disabled 


General / Jobs

21 Tips for Promoting Independence in Adults with a Disability

Who Me? Self Esteem for People with Disabilities

100+ Great Jobs for People with Disabilities to Get you Out and Earning

Government Departments

Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing


Attorney General’s Department (Australian Law Online)

Department of Education and Training

NSW Government Departments and Agencies

Department of Ageing, Disability and Homecare

Note: Home Care NSW has been bought by Australian Unity. Lookout for changes…

Motor Accidents Authority of NSW