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Apple Pay

Having used Apple Pay for the last week, I thought it was worth sharing a few observations.

  • Apple Pay is only available for use with an American Express card or ANZ debit Visa card in Australia. It requires an iPhone 6 phone or newer and the Apple Watch is a useful companion device. Apple Pay will work with any Tap and Pay, (or Pay Wave) enabled payment devices.
  • The setup proved easy (once I had set up the right ANZ account) The Wallet App allows you to scan your credit card before adding in your cards security number. It is necessary to go through a similar process on the watch. Both devices have a chip inside which stores the card information securely allowing transactions via a token.
  • To activate Apple Pay on the phone it is a simple double press on the home button from the lock screen followed by a finger print scan (on the home button) when the transaction has been set up by the teller.
  • To active the Apple Pay on the watch a simple double tap in the flat button adjacent to the crown. At this point you can pay by moving watch face over tap and pay point. It is possible to use Siri to open Apple Pay using the ‘Hey Siri’ verbal command and then use the fingerprint scan to pay. This is probably the quickest way to pay with minimal physical effort. The Apple watch activation is easier if you are able to double tap the button without difficulty.

I have enjoyed using Apple Pay and definitely recommend trying it out if you have an iPhone 6 or later and an AmEx or ANZ Visa Card.